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Polly Yates is a British artist and maker. She studied Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art and Central Saint Martins and has been working with clay for over a decade.
Her main focus is in hand-building vessels which are both sculptural and functional, playful and elegant. Working mainly with stoneware, she employs the simplest methods of coiling and pinching to create a wide variety of forms. Polly’s practice is process based. Very small decisions early on determine the outcome: the foot of the vessel and the angle of the wall are key. Subtle alterations offer endless possibilities.
Influenced by time spent in Japan and the U.S, Polly builds delicate, thin-walled forms and works within a limited palette of whites and off-whites.

Fascinated by the ways we live and how we shape our domestic space, she makes objects to elevate the everyday and to be kept forever.

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